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Brian Pallister

Progressive Conservative Party Leader

Brian Pallister's "D" score as a party leader is based on assessment of his personal leadership on 9 measurement categories relating to policy, voting, or actions, summarized as follows:

Summary of Actions

Voting Record

During his past career as a federal MP, prior to entering politics, Pallister had an excellent voting record on life & family issues and was considered an ally of the pro-life, pro-family movement.

Even for the one recorded vote on our issues that has taken place in the provincial legislature, Pallister has voted properly, in a pro-family manner.

Sanctity of Life

Subsequent to entering provincial politics and becoming Leader of the PC Party of Manitoba, Pallister was attacked by the NDP and their media allies for the socially-conservative beliefs he held during his past career as a federal MP.

It did not take long for Pallister to subsequently abandon his past pro-life voting record and say that he now supports abortion as a so-called “right”, explaining to the Canadian Press that “Times have changed. Positions have evolved”.

Abortion Funding

In 2019, Pallister caved in the face of a pressure campaign orchestrated by the mainstream media, and agreed to fund the chemical abortion pill with scarce taxpayer dollars.

He even moved his pro-life Health Minister out of the Health portfolio after criticism by the media about the Minister’s sanctity of life convictions, and moved a pro-abortion MLA into that key role.

Conscience Rights

Under Pallister, the Manitoba government implemented a much-needed law to protect the conscience rights of doctors and nurses who oppose euthanasia for religious or moral reasons, from being compelled to participate in, or give referrals for, these types of killings.

Anti-Free Speech Bubble Zones

Pallister shot down an NDP bill that tried to ban peaceful pro-life expression on taxpayer-owned public sidewalks.

He correctly argued that the NDP bill to ban pro-life demonstrations of any kind, within a radius of up to 150 metres around an abortion facility, infringes on the right to protest. Pallister explained: “there's a slippery slope here in taking away the freedoms of citizens to exercise their rights to express their views”.

Marriage & the Family

As a federal MP, Pallister used to be an eloquent defender of the true definition of marriage between one man and one woman. He argued at the time that the Liberal government’s Bill C-38 to redefine marriage was a “social experiment”.

However, after becoming PC Party Leader, in the 2016 Manitoba election, Pallister quickly abandoned those principles and told hostile liberal journalists that his views “evolved” and he now supports homosexual “marriage”.

Pallister also betrayed his past pro-marriage beliefs by marching in homosexual pride parades every year since 2016, and by signing the nomination papers of the PC Party’s first-ever, openly “gay” candidate, to run in 2019.

Transgender Ideology

In order to satisfy transsexual activists, Pallister introduced gender-neutral washrooms in the Alberta legislature.

He also expressed support, in principle, for the NDP’s private member’s bill that would add a third gender option to health cards and birth certificates, although the bill died before a vote. If passed, the bill would have enabled sexually-confused individuals to choose “X” as a sex option, in addition to male and female.

Parental Rights

Pallister voted against the NDP’s Bill 18 which imposed homosexual pride clubs on publicly-funded Catholic and Public secular schools across Manitoba.

The Pallister government also blocked an NDP bill that sought to ban schools from disclosing to parents if their children joined a gay pride club at school.


After federal legislation was passed to decriminalize marijuana, the Pallister government implemented legislation to help keep the drug away from children and the general public. The Pallister legislation banned smoking marijuana on or near school grounds, streets and sidewalks, parks and beaches.

NOTE: Always make your voting decision based on the merit of your local candidates, not the Party Leaders. If a local candidate in your riding has a green light rating from Campaign Life Coalition, vote for them, even if the Party Leader disappoints.

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